This is my first post in the new blog. I’ll come up with something better later. 😉

2 responses to “Welcome”

  1. Charles Adamson Avatar
    Charles Adamson

    There is a mistake in the romaji for this poem:
    春過ぎて Haru sugite
    夏来にけらし natsu ki ni kurashi
    白妙の shirotae no
    衣ほすてふ koromo hosu chō
    天の香具山 Ama no Kaguyama

    Either the Japanese is wrongly transcribed or the romaji in the second line should read “natsu ki ni kerashi”

    1. Doug 陀愚 Avatar
      Doug 陀愚

      Hi Charles and welcome. Thanks for mentioned that type. It has been corrected. I misread the hiragana for some silly reason.

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