Hyakunin Isshu Crackers, Redux!

In Japan, gift-giving (omiyagé お土産) among friends and relatives is a common tradition, and recently a friend returned from Japan and gave us some special crackers (senbei) featuring poems from the Hyakunin Isshu. The crackers come in different flavors, and the wrapper each has a random poem.

I got a curry-flavored one:

The first two verses of the poem, poem 99, are written on the front. On the back are the remaining verses:

Hyakunin Isshu-themed crackers are sold here and there, and I’ve posted about it in the past, but it’s still nice to get them from time to time.

P.S. This vendor sells Hyakunin Isshu themed senbei crackers as well (it was the vendor featured in the original post).

2 responses to “Hyakunin Isshu Crackers, Redux!”

  1. Wonderful! Though full. Thanks!

  2. I always called that the belly ache poem since it starts with so many Ohs.

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