Dec 2022 Update Done!

Dear Readers,

If you’re following on this blog, which I started way back in 2011, I am happy to report that the updates I made are now done. I made several updates and fixes, including:

  • Fixing broken links. There were quite a few (such is the ephemeral nature of the Internet).
  • Converting poem text into HTML tables for easier comparison.
  • Replaced some photos with updated photos from Wikimedia or Pexels where appropriate, proper citations added.
  • Consistent formatting updates to each poem page. When I first wrote them, there was some drift between how certain pages looked vs. other, newer pages.
  • Fixed or replaced, a few non-poem posts that were just really outdated.
  • Behind the scenes, fixed markup code in WordPress. The code I
  • used predated the current design, and led to some weird behavior.
  • Edited and rewrote some historical descriptions for clarity, or expanded on some details.

Anyhow, thanks all for patience, and please continue to enjoy!

P.S. I will be heading to Japan in a few days with the family (first time since pandemic), and hope to provide some updates for this blog, along with the other blog.

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